What's New in Qt 5.10

New Features in Qt 5.10

Qt Connectivity Module

  • The UWP Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE backends can now be used on Windows 10.

Qt Graphical Effects Module

  • Added support for effects in core profile OpenGL contexts.

Qt GUI Module

Qt Network Module

  • Upgraded OpenSSL back-end to use library v1.1.
  • Persistent store of HSTS policies in QNAM (QSettings-based).

Qt Quick Module

  • Added a shapes plugin, providing a Shape type under QtQuick.Shapes 1.0, which enables adding stroked and filled paths into Qt Quick scenes. Such shapes are rendered either by generating geometry or by using the GL_NV_path_rendering extension.
  • Added the Qt.labs.handlers plugin (tech. preview), providing TapHandler, PinchHandler, and DragHandler. These are lightweight objects for handling events from the mouse or the touchscreen in a device-agnostic way.

    Note: The plugin is available as a technology preview so it could could change in future releases.

  • Added support for multi-sample framebuffers to QQuickItem layers using the layer.samples property.
  • Added font.kerning and font.preferShaping properties for advanced control over the font shaping subsystem.
  • Added advance property to Text to retrieve the typographical advance width.
  • Added Image element to enable direct loading of ETC1 and ETC2 compressed textures from .pkm files on platforms where ETC1/2 are supported.

Qt Quick Controls 2 Module

Qt SerialBus Module

  • Added local echo flag to QCanBusFrame to mark frames that are sent from the local system to the CAN bus.

Qt Virtual Keyboard Module

  • Added the keyboard layouts for Hebrew, Serbian, Hungarian, Czech, Croatian, Bulgarian, Greek, Estonian, and Dutch.
  • Added handwriting support for Farsi, Arabic, and CJK (Chinese/Japanese/Korean).
  • Added new component (InputModeKey) for input mode switch.

Qt WebEngine Module

  • Updated to be based on Chromium 60.
  • Added pause/resume functionality to download items.
  • Added settings for blocking JavaScript focus and hiding scrollbars.
  • Updated QWebEnginePage with more WebActions, which were supported by QWebPage earlier.
  • Added QWebEnginePage::download for triggering downloads.

Qt Widgets Module

New Modules

These modules were previously released as technology preview and are now fully supported Qt add-on modules.

Technology Preview Modules

  • Qt Remote Objects (TP2) - Sharing QObject interfaces (signals, slots, and properties) between processes or devices.
  • Qt WebGL Streaming Plugin - Enables streaming Qt application to a web browser over the network.

Deprecated Functionality

  • Qt Script

Deprecated modules are still included in Qt 5.10, but are considered for removal in future releases.

List of API Changes

The pages below contain a list of API changes in Qt 5.10:

Additions to Other Qt 5 Releases