Connection Class

Class Connection is declared in struct QMetaObject.

Public Functions

Connection(Connection &&o)
Connection(const Connection &other)
Connection &operator=(Connection &&other)
Connection &operator=(const Connection &other)
bool operator bool() const

Detailed Description

Represents a handle to a signal-slot (or signal-functor) connection.

It can be used to check if the connection is valid and to disconnect it using QObject::disconnect(). For a signal-functor connection without a context object, it is the only way to selectively disconnect that connection.

As Connection is just a handle, the underlying signal-slot connection is unaffected when Connection is destroyed or reassigned.

Member Function Documentation

Connection::Connection(Connection &&o)

Move-constructs a Connection instance, making it point to the same object that o was pointing to.

Connection::Connection(const Connection &other)

Create a copy of the handle to the other connection


Creates a Connection instance.

Connection &Connection::operator=(Connection &&other)

Move-assigns other to this object, and returns a reference.

Connection &Connection::operator=(const Connection &other)

Assigns other to this connection and returns a reference to this connection.


Destructor for QMetaObject::Connection.

bool Connection::operator bool() const

Returns true if the connection is valid.

The connection is valid if the call to QObject::connect succeeded. The connection is invalid if QObject::connect was not able to find the signal or the slot, or if the arguments do not match.